January 02, 2014

2013 Review

Well I didn't post my annual birthday Goals review, and it doesn't even make sense to post a Places To Go review, as I didn't try to complete any goals or go anywhere this past year. But I figure I should at least post a quick recap and update for myself, at least.

2013 Travels - We took a family trip to Indiana in May for my cousin's wedding, and Chris and I made a quick (as in 24 hour long) trip to Chicago while we were up there. We also made our way to Lakeland, FL in July for Chris's cousin's wedding, and stopped by Gainesville for half a day to see friends on our way there. And that was it for the year.

  • "Farm country," IN
  • Chicaco, IL
  • Lakeland, FL
2013 Milestones - I started taking project management classes to continue building skills, and I finally finished a crochet pattern for my most favorite Gourd Wrist Purse. Chris and I celebrated 10 years of marriage, Zeke started preschool, and Jonas started sleeping through the night (finally). Life is starting to level out.

And that's that! 

For 2014, I really just hope to lay low - keep taking classes, work, and spend time with the boys. We hope to make a couple trips to see family this year, but again, Jonas is still too young for ambitious traveling. Zeke will be starting kindergarten this year, so that will be a big change for the whole family. (And we'll probably enroll Jonas in preschool a couple mornings a week, since he's such an extrovert).

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